July, August, and Sept

To get on the email list, send an email to juneaumountainclimbers@gmail.com  and with the subject, “Add me to the list.” Announcements come out about once a week from that email address.  Due to weather or other reasons, we make changes to the calendar last minute that sometimes aren’t reflected here but are sent out by email.

July 25, Rappel and outdoor climbing skills practice. Carl Reese and Pete Boyd are organizing a skills practice for rappelling, anchors, and whatever else might seem pertinent. The location will be outside if the weather allows but we may do this at the Rock Dump. Contact Carl 723-9323 or Pete prb518@gmail.com .

August 3rd. Eyes of the World. This trip is sport climbing on a 250 foot cliff.  Carl Reese is leading a trip to some cliffs above Tee Harbor called the Eyes of the World. These cliffs have been called the Tee Wall but that doesn’t do justice for what you see from up there. It’s about a thousand feet above Tee Harbor and there is 300 feet of vertical rock. You will need to be able to rappel and use bolt anchors in a setting with big exposure. Contact Carl if you are interested. 723-9323

Eyes of the World while it was being cleaned.

August 11.  Garden of Rocks . Carl is leading a trip to the Garden or Rocks (aka rock jungle). This area is not hard to reach but for some reason, very few folks know about it.  Some time in the past 10,000 years a huge chunk of Saddle Mountain collapsed and left a mile-long path of boulders of all sizes at the base. It’s on North Douglas. There will be a lot of scrambling over boulders and house sized rocks. Depending upon the interest of the group we could bring ropes, crash pads, or other climbing gear. We could also route-find out way through the rock jungle to the summit of Saddle Mountain.    Contact Carl if you are interested. 723-9323.

Part of the Garden of Rocks.20190811_154714

August 17 or 18. Mount Bullard.  Carl Reese is leading a trip up Mount Bullard. This is a fairly long day that does not require technical gear. There is a stream crossing and some bushwhacking. The views from the top are grand. You can look down into Suicide Basin. If interested, contact Carl by 6PM, August 16. 723-9323

FB_IMG_1563578921304 (002)
Juneau Alpine Club climb up Bullard, 2017

August 23rd. Mendenhall Glacier. Pete Boyd is leading a trip up the glacier, very likely above the first rock outcrop. This will require ice axe, crampons, harness, helmet, and prussics as there very likely some tricky places. Email Pete (prb518@gmail.com) by August 21st  to discuss gear, logistics, start time, and to discuss if this trip is a good fit for you.

August 24, Five Mile Rock. Carl Reese is organizing a trip to clean and bolt Five Mile Rock. This is a big 70 foot rock right off the Treadwell Ditch Trail next to the marker for Mile 5. There are potentially five routes on the rock.  It’s 30 minute hike up there. Contact Carl for more info. 723-9323

August 25, Mount Jumbo, Sunday. David Panepinto is leading a hike up Mount Jumbo. This is a moderate hike and a classic Juneau hike with great views.  Contact David by August 24th, if you are interested.  434-0799

August 31. Lemon Glacier Lakes. Carl wants to hike into the lakes downhill of the Lemon and Thomas Glaciers. The lakes are at 2,100, 2,500, and 3,100 feet above sea level respectively. They are set in bedrock and brand new. Twenty years ago they were under ice. They are accessed up Lemon Creek Trail to Camp 17A. Once we pass Camp 17A, we will be exploring because we can’t find any reports of people going the first lake on foot (Lake 2100’). The plan is to route find up to Carl hiked to Lake 2500’ and Lake 3100’. We plan to bring a rope and trad rack but don’t know if it will be needed. It’s possible to see from above that the landscape is bedrock around the lakes. The water is aquamarine. Contact Carl if you are interested. 723-9323



Lake 2100′

Lake 2500′ as seen from across the canyon.

Sept 14.  Garden of Rocks Revisit . Carl is leading a trip to the Garden or Rocks on Sunday to explore the area further. There are photos and a description above. We are hoping the rain lets up and the rocks are dry but unless it’s really snotty, we will go and scout things out.  For more info contact Carl. 723-9323

October 2. Our next planning meeting at the Island Pub in Douglas at 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks. this is when we build the calendar. NOTE THE CHANGE IN LOCATION.



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