May & June and early July

To get on the email list, send an email to  and with the subject, “Add me to the list.” Announcements come out about once a week from that email address.  Due to weather or other reasons, we make changes to the calendar last minute that sometimes aren’t reflected here but are sent out by email.

May 12. Stroller White. Carl Reese is leading a climbing trip up Mount Stroller White this Sunday, May 12.  This is a difficult climb.  The climb will be technical depending upon conditions. Ice axe and crampons will likely be necessary.  A bicycle for the first (and last) few miles is great too.  The views from Stroller White are spectacular.  If you are interested contact Carl before 7 PM Friday.723-9323

Monthly Meeting May 14. Our next monthly meeting at the Island Pub at 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks. this is when we build the calendar.

June 7, Thunder Mountain. Pete Boyd will be leading a hike up Thunder Mountain Friday during the day. This will be a moderate hike. For more info/details contact Pete at

June 8. West Peak. Carl Reese will lead a climb up West Peak.  This is a moderate hike with great views. If you are interested contact Carl. 723-9323

June 14-15 or 15-16 “Solstice ridge hike.”   We are doing a “solstice” hike at night on Shark Traverse (Shark =Sheep and Clark).  It’s being led by Carl Reese.  The sun will set and rise without getting completely dark, especially on a mountain top. The traverse should take about 8 hours. We plan to start in the evening and by done by about 4 AM.   Contact Carl by Thursday at 6PM if you are interested.  723-9323.

Yeah, it’s not really solstice but this traverse works any time in late June or early July so we are planning June 14th and postponing if the weather isn’t right.  This event will be rescheduled if the conditions are not ideal. Eventually, we will get a clear night on a weekend.

June 22 weekend,   Mount Ernest Gruening. Carl is leading a trip up Mt. Ernie G. This is a technical trip that involves glacier travel. It will be done  setting up a base camp on day 1 and setting out early the following morning. The location of the base camp will either be near the glacier or on the saddle, depending upon the amount of time on day 1. Contact Carl by Thursday at 6PM if you are interested.  723-9323.

Last week of June.   Susan Crandall is planning 6 day sea kayak trip. Location to be determined depending upon skill level of the group. The exact plan is in flux and subject to conditions and discussions by the kayak group. The kayak group meets Saturday May 18. . The dates areJune 25-30.

Contact Susan Crandall by phone 907-789-1240 or .

BTW. This replaces a canoe Susan planned in the Arctic.


Down the road (or the river) Steve Byers is leading a trip in summer 2020 down the Tatenshini/Alsek River. It’s a 10-12 day trip a big commitment so planning early is key. It’s also one of the coolest whitewater rivers in Alaska and perhaps the world. The “Tat” requires a permit and applications open in December.  He particularly needs people that row a raft in whitewater. Contact Steve at




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