Aug thru early Oct

To get on the email list, send an email to  and with the subject, “Add me to the list.” Announcements come out about once a week from that email address.  Due to weather or other reasons, we make changes to the calendar last minute that sometimes aren’t reflected here but are sent out by email.

August 11.  Jenny Weisshaupt is leading a kayak trip this Saturday. The location is to be determined and will be based on weather conditions. She is looking for the lee side. If you are interested contact Jenny to discuss conditions, skill needs, equipment needs etc.

August 15. Evening hike up Goat Ridge. Carl is leading an evening up Goat Ridge that should take about 1.5 hours. Goat Ridge is a steep offshoot of Perseverance Trail. We are meeting at the Perseverance Trailhead at the end of Basin Road at 5:30 PM. No technical experience is needed but bring appropriate clothing for the weather.

August 26. Herbert Glacier. Carl is leading a trip to Herbert Glacier. This requires a bicycle to get to the glacier. It’s five miles each way. Once at Herbert, we plan to hike to ice caves and if the group is inclined, go out on the glacier. If you don’t have ice axe and crampons and abilities for glacier travel, this could still be a good trip for you because there is a lot you can see without walking on the ice. Some of the trails near the glacier are eroded and in disrepair so expect to do some scrambling.  If you are interested contact Carl before August 25 at 6 PM to get more info.  723-9323.

October 7 or 8: Colt Ridge. Ben Still is leading a trip up a ridge north of Yankee Basin. First you hike to Yankee Basin, then bushwhack up onto a ridge, and then follow the ridge northwest. The Bushwhack is fairly steep but it’s not arduously long.  It’s a long ridge line nicknamed Colt Ridge because great views of Mustang Peak. Eagle Glacier is to the east of the ridge. Contact  Ben at the email below before October 6.  230-9897

October 25.  Our next monthly meeting at the Island Pub at 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks. this is when we build the calendar.


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