June & July

June 13.  Our next monthly meeting at the Valley McGivney’s at 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks. this is when we build the calendar.

June 20 evening trip to the Sea Cliffs. I (Carl) am is leading a trip to to the Sea cliffs on Wednesday evening. Understand that due to a messed up shoulder I can’t climb or belay and plan to watch other climbers the sunset.  I am leading this because I can’t climb, run, or play the guitar so I am bored to tears (metaphorically). Also, several folks recently asked how to get there.  Call or if interested 723-9323. We need at least two climbers and I don’t climb these days.

June 22-23 “Solstice ridge hike.”   We are doing a “solstice” hike at night on Juneau Ridge.  It’s being led by Pauline Strong.  The sun will set and rise without getting completely dark, especially on a mountain top. The traverse should take about 8 hours. We plan to start in the evening and by done by about 4 AM.   Contact Pauline by Thursday at 6PM if you are interested.  723-6213.

MULTI- DAY KAYAK TRIP FROM HOONAH TO TENAKEE. Susan Crandall is planning an extended kayak trip from Hoonah to Tenakee in July.  The dates of the trip are  July 11 to July 19 kayaking from Hoonah to Tenakee Springs. We would leave Juneau on Wed, July 11 morn arriving in Hoonah at 3:45pm, then kayaking across Port Fredrick the same day and camping on the other side heading toward Pt Adolphus. We would leave Tenakee Springs on Thur, July 19 at noon. There is another ferry on Saturday if people want to stay for 3 more days. We are staying at Eight Fathom Cabin in Port Fredrick that houses 8 around July 15.

If you are interested contact Susan susancrandalldogs@hotmail.com You will have to have your own gear and the ability to paddle the trip.




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