Sept- early November

To get on the email list, send an email to  and with the subject, “Add me to the list.” Announcements come out about once a week from that email address.  Due to weather or other reasons, we make changes to the calendar last minute that sometimes aren’t reflected here but are sent out by email.

September 16. Heinzlman Ridge. Ryland Buller is leading a trip up Heinzlman Ridge and following the ridge toward Nugget Mountain to see how far we can get on an autumn day. This is a fairly long day that does not require technical gear. If interested, contact Ryland by 6PM Friday. (314) 307 4252. This could be moved to Sunday if the weather looks better.

October 7, Dani Evensen is leading a trip to the Grandchild Peaks. If there is time and the weather permits this could be looped to Herbert Glacier.  It’s a moderate to difficult climb.  Contact Dani by 7PM Friday October 6 if ..

November 2nd. Serious (Endurance) Climbing.  We meet at the Rock Dump to make an attempt to climb stronger, The goal is to develop endurance by climbing lots of climbs at an easy level and supplement that with exercises intended to build strength and agility.  Pete and Carl are instigating. We meet at 6 PM. No experience necessary.  You can rent shoes and they will loan you a harness for free. If you do not have a pass the Rock Dump costs $15. All are welcome and no previous experience necessary. We do this every Thursday. 

November 4. Herbert Glacier rock climbing.  Bike to Herbert Glacier area for some rock climbing and explore. It’s an easy 5 mile ride to the glacier. There are several rock walls in the area and many of them have been scouted but not climbed.  Anyone interested can call Carl at 723-9323 by 7PM Friday November 3rd. In addition to a bicycle, you will need a harness and climbing shoes if you plan to climb. Experience isn’t necessary.

November 8th. Our next monthly meeting at the Pizzeria Roma at 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks. this is when we build the calendar.  Ideas being batted around are: Sea Cliffs climbing, Hike Mt. Jumbo or Mt. Olds, Herbert Glacier bike ride and explore, and brush out Nugget Creek Trail. The latter is the trail from East Glacier Trail toward Nugget Basin. It’s overgrown and we could fix that.


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