Jan & early Feb 2017

January 12th. Moonlight Cross Country Skiing. It’s full moon and should be bright enough to ski without a headlamp. Bring one just in case. The snow is icy at the trails in the Valley so we are  meeting at Eaglecrest Porcupine Lodge at 6PM.  Call Carl if you want more info or show up.  723-9323.


January 14. Backcountry Ski trip, Site to be determined but probably Mt Troy, Ben Stewart, or Fish Creek Knob.  The trip is organized by Keith Andrews and Ryland Buller. The forecast right now is for rain from about 2,000 feet so we will head to a higher bowl.  You should have a beacon, probe, and shovel and know how to use them.  Contact Keith Andrews (957-6055) or Ryland (314) 307 4252 by Friday, January 13th if interested.

January 29th,  Winter McGinnis Climb. Carl Reese will lead a climb up Mount McGinnis. This climb has been a Juneau Alpine Club standard for a long time. This climb requires ice axe, crampons, and snowshoes. Backcountry ski gear could also work. It’s a strenuous climb and you should know how to self arrest with an ice axe. Given the warming condition this trip will require beacon, probe, and shovel and an understanding of how to use them.  If you are interested contact Carl (723-9323) before 7PM Saturday January 28th

dscn2980February 4th. Glacier Skills practice at Mendenhall Glacier. We are practicing glacier travel skills on the glacier near the ice caves. We are going practice roping up, climbing ropes with prussic and/or ascenders, and pulling people out of a crevasses with a z drag. We may visit the ice caves as well.  To participate you will have to have crampons, ice axe, two prussic, and harness at a minimum. If you have other glacier safety gear, bring it along.  This was postponed to later in Feb. We will firm the details the annual meeting.

February 9. Annual Meeting and board elections. The Club will provide pizza. Meeting at the Pizzaria Roma 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. We will also elect board members. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks.



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