Dec/early January

December 4. Backcountry Skiing, Ben Stewart. The Oxford dictionary defines “Optimism: the belief that there will be snow on Sunday at elevation.” Carl plans to head up Ben Stewart on Sunday to see if it’s possible to find enough snow for skiing and splitboarding.   A beacon, probe, and shovel are needed. Contact Carl by Saturday night around 7PM for more info.  723-9323.  This could work or it could be the act of carting skis to the top of a mountain only to cart them back down.

December 15th. Moonlight Cross Country Skiing. It is almost a full moon and should be bright enough to ski without a headlamp. Bring one just in case. We are going out on the trails at Mendenhall Lake and meeting at Skater’s Cabin at 6PM.  Call Carl if you want more info or show up.  723-9323

December 17. Ice Climbing. Dani and Pete are leading an ice climbing trip. The location will depend on conditions and skill level of those wanting to play. Contact the trip leaders before THURSDAY to discuss details. Pete: or Dani:

December 24. Winter climb up Mount Jumbo. Pete Boyd is leading a trip up Mount Jumbo on Christmas Eve. You will need winter gear that could include backcountry skis, snowshoes, and/or crampons. Contact Pete by Dec 22nd for more info.

December 31st. Backcountry Ski trip, Mount Troy. The club is going go backcountry skiing up Mount Troy. You should have a beacon, probe, and shovel and know how to use them.  Contact Keith Andrews by Friday, December 30th if interested.   957-6055



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