November Calendar

Nov 8 Mount Roberts and maybe Sheep Mountain loop. Dani Evenson is leading a climb up Mt. Roberts with the potential to continue on to Sheep Mountain and loop through Sheep Creek Basin. There will be snow up there. Ice axe and crampons are required. Contact Dani before Saturday, November 7 by 7PM if .

Nov 14 West Peak –Bob is leading a trip up West Peak. This is a moderate climb and equipment needed depends upon conditions.  If interested call Bob before 7PM Friday November 13th. 500-7950. Sunday Nov 15 is a backup day. Postponed due to weather. 

Sunday, Nov 22 Mount Ben Stewart – Carl is leading a trip up Mount Ben Stewart. Conditions will determine if this is a ski trip or a climb. If interested contact Carl before 7PM November 20th. 723-9323. This was originally scheduled on Saturday but the weather and avalanche conditions do not favor it. Cross your fingers that conditions improve.  Must have backcountry gear like skis with skins, splitboard, or snow shoes and beacon, shovel, and probe

Nov 28 or 29 Turkey burn – Petes choice. Pete Boyd will lead a trip on the weekend following Thanksgiving. The location will be decided later and based on snow conditions. The goal is to get out and burn off some turkey. Contact Pete by 7PM Friday evening, if you are interested. 957-3999




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