May Calendar 2015

April 25. Hawthorne Peak.  Drew Maples is leading a trip up Hawthorne Peak. This is a moderate climb that may require snow shoes and/or crampons. Contact Drew by Friday 7PM April 24. 957-0055

May 2 or May 3, Mount Olds. Bob is leading a trip up Mount Olds. This is a moderate climb  If interested call Bob before 7PM Friday May 1. 500-7950

May 10 .  Ben Stewart to Mount Meek traverse. Carl is leading a traverse across the north end of Douglas Island. The traverse starts at Eaglecrest, climbs Mount Ben Stewart, crosses the ridge line to Mount Meek, and descends a trail to North Douglas Highway. If you are interested, please contact Carl before 7PM Friday May 8th. 723 -9323.

May 16. Mount Juneau/Granite Basin Loop. Dani Evenson is leading a trip up the Juneau Ridge/Granite Basin loop this Saturday. This is a moderate climb and snow shoes may be helpful depending on conditions.   Contact Dani by 7PM Friday May 15 if

 May 23-24 Blackerby Ridge, Cairn and Vesper Peaks Owing to residual soft snow, we will not be doing the traverse from Mount Juneau.  Instead, Dani Evenson will be leading an overnight trip up Blackerby Ridge.  We will depart Saturdaymorning, hike up, and set camp around 3,750 feet midday.  We will then continue up the ridge with lighter packs and traverse Cairn Peak into Camp 17.  Depending on the energy level of the group, we may also climb Vesper Peak then return to camp. Folks wishing to continue on over Observation may do so. Planned return is Sunday midday.
 May 30 . Clark’s Traverse. Carl is leading a hike/climb up Clark’s Traverse. This is a climb going Mount Roberts to Sheep Mt to Mt Clark and returning Perseverance Trail.  It’s a fairly long day. Ice axe or trekking poles and ice grippers could help as there is still snow up high but crampons might be overkill. If you are interested call Carl by 7 PM Friday May 29th. 723-9323

June 3. Monthly meeting at the Island Pub at 6:30 PM. We will plan upcoming climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks.


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