Late June early July calendar

June 26: Thursday night hike. Jason is leading a hike to Dupont via the Point Bishop trail. Meet at 6PM at the end of Thane Road. This is an easy hike and should last about 3 hours. If you need more info, call Jason at 301 802-3957.Since the hike to Dupont is relatively short, about an hour one way, Jason plans on bringing a bag of charcoal, hot dogs and roasting sticks.  If anyone else is interested in making it a pot luck bring something to share!

June 28: Mount Olds. Tom is leading a climb up Mount Olds. Mount Olds is the peak in the foreground in Granite Basin.  This climb shouldn’t require technical gear. The views from the top are spectacular. This is a moderate climb that should take 8-10 hours. If you are interested please contact Tom by 7PM Friday June 27.  907 223 1308


July 3 – Vista Creek Shelter via Nugget Creek Trail.  Meet at the parking lot just before the turn around for the glacier visitors center.  We will be starting via the East Glacier Trail at 6PM.


July 10 – Breadline Trail.  Meet at the trailhead just before the Shrine of St. Therese at 6PM


July 12: Mount Ben Stewart.  Pauline Strong is leading a hike up Mount Ben Stewart. This is the tallest peak on Douglas Island. This climb takes about 4-6 hours. If you are interested call Pauline at 723-6213 by 7PM Friday July 13.

July 17 – Herbert Glacier.  Meet at the trailhead at 6PM with mountain bikes.


July 18-20. Split Thumb. Or July 19-21. Carl Reese is leading a trip up Split Thumb. Split Thumb is a spire jutting out of the Juneau Icefield. The plan is to hike to Camp 17 on the icefield, camp out, and climb Split Thumb the following day. Depending upon time available we may hike out that day or spend that night at Camp 17 and hike out on day three. The exact dates will depend on weather. This is a difficult trip requiring glacier travel experience and rock climbing skills. If you are interested call Carl at 723-9323.


July 24 – Windfall Lake.  Meet at the trailhead at 6PM


July 29 Monthly Meeting.  The monthly meeting will be at 6:30 at the Waffle Company. We will plan August’s climbs and hikes. All are welcome. Come with ideas or to meet other mountaineering folks.


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