May Calendar 2014

May 3. Herbert Glacier Rock Climbing. Bike to Herbert Glacier area for some rock climbing. It’s an easy 5 mile ride into the glacier. There are several rock walls in the area and most have scouted but not climbed.  Anyone interested can call Carl at 723-9323 by 7PM Friday May 2nd. In addition to a bicycle, you will need a harness and climbing shoes. Experience isn’t necessary.

May 17. Clark’s Traverse. Carl is leading a hike/climb up Clark’s Traverse. This is a climb going Mount Roberts to Sheep Mt to Mt Clark and returning Perseverance Trail.  It’s a fairly long day and will likely require an ice axe and crampons. If you are interested call Carl by 7 PM Friday May 16th. 723-9323

May 20. Monthly Meeting. The next meeting will be held 6:30 PM at the Island Pub in Douglas. Really.  No misdirected emails this time.

May 29. Gold Ridge in the evening. Jason Boyle is starting up the Thursday night hikes again. The first hike this year is up Gold Ridge, which is above the tram.  This is a show up and go hike. Folks leave the trailhead for Mount Roberts at 6PM May 29th. This is a moderate hike and should last about 3 hours. If you need more info, call Jason at 301 802-3957.



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